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Outfield Signs

Advertising on Outfield Signs has been around pretty much as long as the sports of baseball and softball.  They are a great way for a business to show support and to promote their business. 

The Numbers

To start with, we have 12 fields that have outfield fencing.  Then, we have approximately 2000 participants on these 12 fields including our spring and fall leagues, tournaments, all-star games, and practices. These 2000 participants all have family members that come watch them play. This adds up to a lot of people that will see your sign.

About Our Signs

The signs are 3' x 8' and you get the choice as to what field you want your sign to be placed.  You send us your logo and we will take care of getting it printed and up on the outfield fence.

  • The sign will stay up one calendar year from the date it was added to the fence. 

  • You pick the field (based on availability)

Price  $400.00

The cost for our Outfield Signs is $400.00 per year from the date it goes up on the fence however, we are doing a special promotion now called, "Fill the Fences"  click here for more details.

Other Sponsorships

We also have sponsorship options in other areas such as our Concession Stand wall, our new video announcement screen at the part, two websites and Team Sponsorships.  Click here for more details.

What's Next?

Interested?  Just complete short this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can call Holly at 502-208-5874 if you have any questions or email her at or you can set up a phone/personal meeting with Holly here.

&Must be purchased during the spring or fall season of which the team sponsor is sponsoring a team.

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