Sponsorship Pricing

We offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Outfield Signs | $400.00 | The sign is  3' 8" x 8 sign on the field of your choice (when available).  Click here for details.

  • Wall Sign | $500.00 | These signs are 3 x 6 and can be placed on the wall at the main gathering area around the main concession stand/office.  There are not many opportunities for these signs.

  • Website Slider | $250.00 | Your logo on our main website and this website.

  • Concession Digital Marquee | NEW! | $200.00 | Your logo will be seen on our New Digital Marquee at the Concession stand.

  • Team Sponsorships | Each team is required to have a team sponsor.  The cost is $350.00 for a spring team and $295.00 for a fall team. 

All Sponsorships other than the Field Sponsorship, are on a one-year contract starting the date your logo becomes public.

  • We can not offer discounts, individually, for team sponsorships and Wall Signs.

  • *The Digital Marquee is limited to 20 Sponsors.

  • All money collected from the above sponsorships (with the exception of the Team Sponsorships) will go toward the Capital Campaign Program.  So, unless you request s project we will apply the money to the Capital Campaign General Funding.

  • Lyndon is a 501c3 Non-Profit Business.

Ready to go?  Just complete this form and in the meantime, we will need your logo you can just send it to us at lyndonrec@gmail.com.

Once we determine the sponsorship you prefer, we will need to get your logo printed and we will invoice you for the sponsorship.