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Sponsorship Pricing

We offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Outfield Signs | $400.00 | The sign is  3' x 6 sign on the field of your choice (when available).  Click here for details.

  • Wall Sign | $500.00 | These signs are 3 x 6 and can be placed on the wall at the main gathering area around the main concession stand/office.  There are not many opportunities for these signs.

  • Website Slider | $250.00 | Your logo on our main website and this website.

  • Concession Digital Bulletin Board | NEW! | $200.00 | Your logo will be seen on our New Digital Marquee at the Concession stand.

  • Team Sponsorships | Each team is required to have a team sponsor.  Click here for details

All Sponsorships other than the Field Sponsorship, are on a one-year contract starting the date your logo becomes public.

  • We can not offer discounts, individually, for team sponsorships and Wall Signs.

  • *The Digital Marquee is limited to 20 Sponsors.

  • All money collected from the above sponsorships (with the exception of the Team Sponsorships) will go toward the Capital Campaign Program.  So, unless you request s project we will apply the money to the Capital Campaign General Funding.

  • Lyndon is a 501c3 Non-Profit Business.

Ready to go?  Just complete this form and in the meantime, we will need your logo you can just send it to us at

Once we determine the sponsorship you prefer, we will need to get your logo printed and we will invoice you for the sponsorship.  

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