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Fill the Fences!

What is, "Fill the Fences"?

With 12 fields, we have a lot of space to add outfield advertising signs and it just doesn't look as good when there are 2 or 3 on a field.  So, we want to fill all of the fence space with signs by March 2024.   To do this, we are offering a really good deal.  Here it is:

OPTION 1 (REGULAR) $400.00

Purchase a sign for one year for $400.00.  The Sign will be put up early in March just in time for everything to kick off at the park with the JCPS Middle School softball and baseball games and they will stay up a calendar year.


Purchase The Fill the Fences Promotion Option:

  • Two years from early March and staying up for 2 calendar years.

  • $200.00 each year after your two-year contract has expired as long as you renew each year.

  • $50.00 off for any sign on fields 1, 2 or 3 (Teeball and Peewee).

  • $50.00 off for the second sign on any field during the same time period.


Interested?  Please complete this form below with no expected commitment.

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