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On any given evening or weekend, Travis Crump was a fixture at the ballpark, spending countless hours coaching youth through Lyndon Recreation. From their first time at the plate in T-ball to intermediate softball with his daughter, then junior baseball with his son, Travis was always in a dugout, coaching a base, and teaching his players how to be their best. Serving as Head Coach for the Thunder softball team for three years, and as an Assistant Coach for the Lyndon Lightning softball team for four, he loved every minute he spent on the dirt.

On July 27, 2022, Travis unexpectedly passed away, leaving a hole in the hearts of family and friends. His untimely death continues to be felt by the children he coached, their families, Lyndon Recreation, and all who were fortunate enough to call Travis their friend.

Travis had a mantra he often shared with his players. “There are only two things you can control: ATTITUDE & EFFORT.” Those words will forever live on in the hearts of the kids he loved coaching. To memorialize Travis, his fellow coaches, family, and others have created a capital campaign to improve Softball Field 8, making it the best facility in Louisville. Your financial gift is so much more than just an investment in the project. You are investing in building a foundation for our children to achieve success both on and off the field for the rest of their lives.

Upon project completion, we will gather to celebrate the Attitude & Effort of the many who helped make this goal a reality. We will stand together to honor the legacy of a man who truly left it all on the field as we cut the ribbon on Travis Crump Memorial Field.


Although Travis did spend a lot of time on many of the 12 fields at Lyndon Recreation, he will be most associated with Field 8 by so many.  Field 8 is the home of the Intermediate Softball League for girls 13-15 years old but also hosts our Senior Softball League which is 17U and our Women's Open Softball League for women over 18 years old.  The field also is the home of our Lyndon Lightning program and is one of the main locations for the JCPS Middle School Softball League. 


n addition to all of this, Field 8 is one of the fields that hosts the Kentucky Special Olympics Leagues.  The field is pretty much located in the middle of the 25-acre park off Whipps Mill Road in Louisville.  



We will name Field 8 after Travis with the new name of Travis Crump Memorial Field on opening day for the Spring Intermediate Softball League in May of 2024.  We will add more details to this page as we learn more but we can send you can add your email below and we will send you details when we have final plans in place.

Our goal is aggressive to raise $35,000.00 for some major improvements to the field but we want to make the field the very best we can for Travis.  They include:

  • Upgrade the lights to LED Lights.

  • Laser Grade the surface to improve playing conditions.

  • Improve the Dugouts.

  • Add new windscreen to the fences.

  • and more

To make it easy for you to donate, we offer the option to the left where you can donate some pre-set amounts or any amount you are able.  You can also send us a check to P.O. Box 22253 Louisville, KY 40253.  Make the Check Payable to Lyndon Recreation but please make sure you indicate it is for the Travis Crump Field Campaign.

Lyndon Recreation is a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization so your donations are deductable.  You will receive an email with details for your records of your donation.  

Contact us at or 502-425-5874 with questions.

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